Altera Carrier for FMC, Arria-10™ GX1150 Single module, mid-size AMC (full-size optional) Altera Arria-10 GX1150 in F1517 package AMC Ports 4-11 are routed to FPGA per AMC.1, AMC.2 and AMC.4 (protocols such as PCIe, SRIO, 10GbE/40GbE, etc. are FPGA programmable) AMC Ports 12-15 and 17-20 are routed to the FPGA The AMC536 is based on […]


Zynq UltraScale+ FPGA, FMC+ Carrier, VPX Xilinx UltraScale+ XCZU19EG FPGA Single FMC+ (VITA 57.4) site 8 GB of 64-bit wide DDR4 Memory (single bank) with ECC (CPU) 8 GB of 64-bit wide DDR4 Memory (single bank, FPGA) The VPX585 is a 3U VPX FPGA Carrier with single FMC+ (VITA-57.4) interface. The unit has an onboard, […]

SCFE6120 FPGA Processing Board

Configurable, low-latency processing module for high performance and agile system integration The EnsembleSeries™ SCFE6120 is a versatile OpenVPX™ FPGA processing module designed for high performance and agile system integration. Incorporating Virtex® Ultrascale+™ FPGA processing power and an updated architecture, this advanced module maximizes performance by locating the processing subsystem directly in the data path. Two FMC […]


SoC SoMs are small, integrated single-board computers with Cyclone® V SoCs at the core. The SoC SoM includes DDR3 memory, flash memory, power management, common interface controllers, and OpenCL board support package (BSP) software to help you create a fully customized embedded design without starting from scratch. Сharacteristics Memory DDR3-400MHz 256MB / 512MB / 1GB […]

ADM-VPX3-9Z5/DEV – Development Platform for Xilinx Q Grade MPSoCs

Applications Development Platform for Xilinx Q Grade MPSoCs High Altitude Sensor Processing Harsh SWaP limited Environments Board Features Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC XQZU19EG-1 FPGA FMC+ HPC Interface Compliant with Xilinx LVAUX mode for XQ UltraScale+ Military-Grade Power Supplies from Texas Instruments OpenVPX / SOSA Compliant VPX3 FPGA Features (Hard IP) 4x Arm® Cortex™-A53 MPCore™ 2x […]

ADM-XRC-9R1 – RF Signal Sampling/Generation

Applications RF Signal Sampling/Generation Radar Beamforming MIMO (5G) communications Tx and Rx Signal Detection/Jamming Board Features Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ XCZU27DR-2 FPGA On-board microcontroller accessible via USB, provides power rail monitoring temperature Monitoring clock programming COTS Product XMC (Switched Mezzanine Card, VITA 42) FPGA Features (Hard IP) 4x ARM® Cortex™-A53 MPCore™ – 1.5GHz 2x ARM® Cortex™-R5 […]

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