SCFE6120 FPGA Processing Board

SCFE6120 FPGA Processing Board

Configurable, low-latency processing module for high performance and agile system integration

The EnsembleSeries™ SCFE6120 is a versatile OpenVPX™ FPGA processing module designed for high performance and agile system integration. Incorporating Virtex® Ultrascale+™ FPGA processing power and an updated architecture, this advanced module maximizes performance by locating the processing subsystem directly in the data path. Two FMC ANSI/VITA 57.4 sites enable maximum customization and can support high-speed digitization cards.


  • Multi-channel, highly configurable FMX carrier
  • Virtex® UltraScale+ FPGA processing power
  • Processing subsystems in data path for max performance
  • OpenVPX™ compliant for easy integration
  • Multiple high-reliability cooling options

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