Feed, Circular & Dual Circular

Troposcatter Series

Troposcatter is often used for radio communications, normally for over the horizon links when satellite links are marginal or unavailable. Although Troposcatter requires high power transmitters, sensitive receivers, and highgain antennas, it provides a very convenient data transmission system for many radio communication applications.

Telemetry Antenna Series

ARA has developed a unique line of antennas for telemetry systems that support both air and ground platforms. With over 55 years of design and manufacturing history, ARA can offer an antenna system at a variety of frequencies that will perform in any environment. With the increasing use of Drones and UAV systems over longer distances, the need to monitor a system’s telemetry is more important than ever.

Multiband Threat Series

ARA has a wide variety of Prime-Focus, Offset, Gregorian, and Cassegrain feeds and antennas for multi-band applications. These multiband feeds are designed to minimize phase center movement. This helps to better focus the feed within the reflector for optimal gain, providing the highest possible EIRP and G/T.

Multiband Satcom Series

Multiple Frequencies in a Single Feed
Dual Polarization for Both Transmit and Receive
Motorized or Non-motorized
Optional Reflectors
Optional Positioners and Controllers
Made in the USA

Weather Radar Series

ARA antenna systems operate in S-band, C-band, X-band, Ku-band, and Ka-band and meet RADAR suppliers most stringent requirements.

UAV Antenna Series

More reliable Command and Control (C2) and data links are required as the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) is expected to continue growing with the deployment of expanding communication networks.

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