PCIe Test Equipment

Medusa Labs Test Tools Suite

Medusa Labs Test Tools Suite is leading application-based data testing and signal integrity testing tool enabling developers to identify, locate, and resolve elusive errors through stress testing before products are released to market.

Xgig Jammer

The Xgig® Jammer manipulates live network traffic to simulate errors in real time, enabling users to verify the responsiveness and robustness of error recovery processes.

Xgig Expert

Expert software comes standard with all Xgig Analyzers to provide a unique and robust set of debugging and analysis capabilities specifically designed to accelerate and simplify device development and troubleshooting.

Xgig® Exerciser Host Test Stand for PCI Express® 5.0

The PCIe Exerciser Host Test Stand provides connectivity and power to a PCIe adapter card endpoint for testing and qualification.

Xgig® 5P16 Analyzer/ Exerciser Platform for PCI Express® 5.0

Provides 16-lane full-speed data capture, error injection and device emulation enabling detailed functional and performance analysis of PCIe 5.0 protocol.

Xgig 5P8 Analyzer Platform for PCI Express 5.0

Provides full-speed 32Gbps data capture, enabling detailed functional and performance analysis of PCIe protocol.

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