SAS-200 Series

The SAS-200 Series are dual band omni antennas with a discone low-band construction and either a conical monopole for the 3 GHz configuration or vertical biconical for the 6GHz and 18GHz configurations.

ARA-1220 Series

The ARA-1220 and ARA-1220-101 antennas are wide band, omni- directional, vehicular communications antennas.

SAS-500 Series

The SAS-500 series features broadband monopole antennas designed for Jamming.

SAS-2/AB Series

The SAS-2/AB series features extremely broadband omni antennas. These are typically used for lab related testing such as EMC, TEMPEST, etc. Features include Low Noise Amplifiers, a removable monopole, and flexible radials for compact transport and storage.

SAS-0518 Series

The SAS-0518 Series features broadband Direction-Finding systems designed for military and security signal surveillance applications on shipboard platforms.

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