R&S® MXO 4 Oscilloscope

Next generation oscilloscope for accelerated insight Key facts Bandwidth: 200 MHz – 1.5 GHz World’s first oscilloscope with an update rate > 4.5 million waveforms per second Industry-leading system architecture: 18-bit vertical resolution/12-bit ADC Deepest in class standard memory: 400 Mpoints Industry leading spectrum acquisition rate of 45,000 FFT/s NEXT GENERATION TECHNOLOGY The R&S®MXO 4 […]

R&S® RTC1000 oscilloscope

Key facts Bandwidth: 50 MHz to 300 MHz Max. sample rate: 2 Gsample/s Max. memory depth: 2 Msample MSO: 8 digital channels, optional, retrofittable Pattern generator: 4-bit patterns up to 50 Mbit/s Great value High sensitivity, multifunctionality and a great price – that is what makes the R&S®RTC1000 oscilloscope so special. From embedded developers to […]

R&S® Scope Rider handheld oscilloscope

Key facts Bandwidth: 60 MHz to 500 MHz Sample rate: up to 5 Gsample/s Memory depth: up to 500 kpts, 50 Mpts segmented memory ADC resolution: 10-bit Isolated channels (CAT IV 600 V (RMS) / CAT III 1000 V (RMS)) Lab performance in a rugged, portable design When debugging embedded devices in the lab or […]

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