IF Recorder

Portable high-speed data acquisition system DDR200-P

Fully portable out-of-the-box data acquisition solution 17″ W X 13.6” H X 9” D, less than 28lbs. Supports up to 192 channels of analog input or any combination of ADC/DAC. User-programmable, simultaneous sampling of up to 20 million samples/channel/second. RAID storage up to 16 terabytes<. Many external signal conditioning options available. Daqscribe DAQ recorders are delivered as turnkey solutions, […]

High-speed data acquisition system DDR3000-R

The DDR3000-R is our flexible signal recording and analysis solution in a rugged enclosure. It features our powerful DaqHunter signal software suite for simple and turnkey field operation. We have designed it for testing operations conducted in remote and outdoor environments – often within near proximity of the system(s)-under-test. This portable system is also ideal for in-vehicle (mobile) use, […]

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