Current Probes & Clamps

Prodyn Current Transducers IP2 HF Series

The IP-2 HF series is a range of high frequency current sensors that are used to measure current on small conductors that may be passed through the aperture. Their small size minimizes the physical constraints of usual measurements and the choice of three sensitivities allows for a variety of outputs.

Prodyn Current Transducers I-400 Series (0.50 ” aperture)

The I-400 and I-410 wideband current sensors were developed to facilitate current measurement on conductors where space is limited. The convenient size and shape make them quick to install over existing conductors that are difficult to pass through a fixed-window type probe. The aperture of 0.50 ” allows testing of a cable or cables up to and including the size of RG-9 coax.

Prodyn Current Transducers I-150 Series (1.50″ aperture)

The I-150-1HF is the first probe to be offered in the new housing and has similar performance characteristics to the high frequency I-125-1HF probe. It has a transfer impedance of 5 Ω and bandwidth from 1 kHz to 1 GHz (usable frequency range 50 kHz – 1 GHz).

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