Turn key & integration

Nisko Technologies engineers are experts in designing Industrial/Rugged Computers & Servers and  different kind of Embedded Computing Systems solutions that reduce risk and increase survivability in extreme environmental conditions.

We work closely with our customers to understand their exact needs and requirements in order to design the optimal computing solutions that are easy to integrate and operate, cost-effective and reliable.

Nisko Technologies provide Computing Systems which featuring the latest processors from Intel, AMD etc. and provide high reliability and performance to keep mission-critical applications available in the most demanding environments.

Nisko Technologies engineering team specializes in providing high-end Turn-key solutions of Industrial, naval, airborne and ground applications for leading companies, such as: Rafael. IAI, Elbit, IDF and more.

Nisko Technologies experience covers design, standardization and manufacturing, along the other we provide the following support and services:

  • BIOS and security customization
  • Custom HW design of x86 and ARM base projects
  • Boards design
  • Customization front Panel
  • Chassis and Mechanical design
  • 7-15 years longevity support
  • Technical Support and onsite services.
  • Freeze BOM and Revision Control
  • High Temperature Support : up to -40/+85c
  • Short dept servers
  • Thermal Management
  • Open Architectures Platforms
  • Design to Spec
  • Certification services
  • Program Management
  • Rugged system design
  • Conformal coating

We welcome you to approach us with any needs you have and our engineers will propose you few alternative suitable solutions.

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