Network Timing

TFD-8000 Highly reliable

Highly reliable, extremely flexible Time and Frequency Source The TFD8000 is a militarized time and frequency system has been qualified to rigorous military standards and uses modular construction to ensure complete flexibility and easy maintenance.  The TFD8000 is the US Navy’s program of record Time and Frequency Distribution System (TFDS) and is fully supported by […]

OSA-3230 Cesium Clock

Atomic Frequency Standard Brandywine’s OSA-3230 Cesium Clock is an atomic frequency standard based on a hyperfine transition in the ground state of the cesium 133 atom. For years, cesium beam frequency standards have been constantly improved so as to satisfy the increasingly stringent specification of time and frequency reference equipment. The availability of “easy to operate” […]


Low cost GPS synchronized NTP Server Brandywine Communications NTV-100RG is an affordable, convenient and flexible NTP Server. This network time server accurately time synchronizes computers, time displays, PBX’s, and a wide variety of other equipment.  The NTV-100RG is a small, rack mounted NTP Server that can synchronize to GPS or to the IRIG B time […]

HaveQuick Splitter

Brandywine Communication’s Havequick/1PPS Distribution Amplifier (HQS) is a small rugged, powered Havequick/1PPS distribution module mounted in a 4” x 4” x 2.5” environmentally secure enclosure.  The HQS can provide an MTBF up to 1 million hours depending on configuration. The HQS was developed to facilitate long cable runs of both 1PPS and Have Quick signals […]


Network Ready GPS Time and Frequency Standard The NFS-220 is a low cost precision time and frequency standard that uses GPS for use in WI-FI, Wi-Max, satellite communications, telecommunications, and military communications.  This frequency standard is the newest of Brandywine’s GPS Synchronizing clocks and utilizes a high performance 16 channel receiver with automatic position-averaging that […]


The most accurate modular time and frequency system available, with inherent 10ns accuracy Brandywine Communications High Performance Timing System is the most accurate frequency system currently available, with inherent 10ns accuracy.  This next generation, dual redundant, network-centric, modular timing system includes a novel architecture that allows automatic compensation of propagation delay.  The HPTS also offers […]

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