ARA-1220 Series

-Extremely Rugged
-Low-Profile Construction
-NATO 4-Hole Vehicular Mount
-Option for bandpass filter and low-noise preamplifier.
-Available in CARC Green, Tan, or Black finish. Other colors are available on request.
-Made in the USA

ARA-1220 Series

The ARA-1220 and ARA-1220-101 antennas are wide band, omni- directional, vehicular communications antennas. The ARA-1220 and ARA-1220-101 are designed for use in the most demanding and harsh tactical conditions. The lightweight, low-profile construction combined with a standard NATO 4-Bolt mounting pattern allows it to be easily integrated into military vehicles and most antenna mast systems.

The ARA-1220 has been tuned for performance between 1200 MHz and 2000 MHz but performs well up to 2500 MHz. The ARA-1220-101 version of this antenna includes a bandpass filter and low noise preamplifier built-in. DC power is applied and decoupled from the single RF connector at the base. The bandpass filter on the ARA-1220-101 reduces the band to operate between 941.5 MHz and 1126.5 MHz.

The maximum gain has been tuned for -10° to 10° in elevation with azimuthal variations ±1 dB. Broadband, low SWR ensures no effective radiated power reduction in mobile or vehicular platforms.

Antenna TypeOmni
ApplicationMilitary Communications
Frequency BandL (1 – 2 GHz)

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