SAS-0518 Series

-Positioner Unit Tested for Shipboard Above-Deck Applications
-Optional LNAs, Bypass Switches, Limiters, and Filters are available.
-Available in Ship Gray, Desert Tan, OD Green, White
-Weight 290 to 315 lbs
-Made in the USA

SAS-0518 Series

The SAS-0518 Series features broadband Direction-Finding systems designed for military and security signal surveillance applications on shipboard platforms.

The system has a low band log periodic antenna and a high band shaped fan beam reflector antenna. An azimuth positioner rotates at 200 RPM to provide fast signal updates. The ACU-3 series Controller and cable set make a complete unit that will send the received RF signals to your box for analysis.

An optional SAS-0518-C3275 configuration has a 0.5 to 18GHz slant omni antenna integral to the top of the radome. All RF signals are routed through to the fixed base plate.

Antenna TypeOmni
ApplicationDirection Finding
Frequency BandBroadband

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