SAS-200 Series

-18″ Diameter x 18″ Tall
-14 to 21 lbs
-ABS Radome
-Available in Desert Tan, OD Green, White
-Made in the USA

SAS-200 Series

The SAS-200 Series are dual band omni antennas with a discone low-band construction and either a conical monopole for the 3 GHz configuration or vertical biconical for the 6GHz and 18GHz configurations. These antennas are available with a diplexed output option or a high and low band output.

Additional high vibration (HV) and high power (HP) options are available for offroad vehicular-mounted applications and high-power requirements. The SAS- 200 series is available as passive units or with preamplifier options and RF bypass capability. When active, the AC powered PFS-SAS is suggested to power and control the SAS-230 and SAS-260 configurations (see page 3).

This series can be used for either spectrum monitoring/surveillance or military and security jamming.

Antenna TypeOmni
ApplicationJamming, Law Enforcement / Public Safety, Spectrum Operations
Frequency BandBroadband

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