Troposcatter Series

Custom Designs
High Efficiency
High Power
Reflectors – 8ft, 10ft, 12ft
Beyond Line-of-Sight Communications
Optimum Performance
Made in the USA

Troposcatter Series

Troposcatter is often used for radio communications, normally for over the horizon links when satellite links are marginal or unavailable. Although Troposcatter requires high power transmitters, sensitive receivers, and highgain antennas, it provides a very convenient data transmission system for many radio communication applications.

ARA offers a wide variety of designs for high power, high efficiency feeds for Troposcatter applications. Angle Diversity Troposcatter feeds are a specialty of ARA and are used to add another order of diversity in addition to frequency, polarization, and space. This capability enhances link fade margins and minimizes error rates.

All Troposcatter feeds are tailored for optimum use in specified parabolic reflectors. For systems using coaxial transmission lines, optional waveguides to rigid coax adaptors can be supplied separately or integrated into the feeds.

  • Antenna Type – Feed
  • Application – Military Communications
  • Frequency Band – C (4 – 8 GHz), L (1 – 2 GHz), S (2 – 4 GHz), UHF (0.3- 6 GHz)
  • Polarization – Dual Linear, Vertical

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