Weather Radar Series

2ft (0.6m) to 28ft (8.5m) antennas
Dual Linear S, C, X, Ku, and Ka Feeds
Megawatt Power Handling
Made in the USA

Weather Radar Series

Understanding weather patterns is an important tool for public safety and agriculture to ensure that the proper steps are being taken before storms. Properly monitoring weather patterns helps with preparation to limit damage and administer the proper size of response needed during and after major weather events. This is critical for public safety.

ARA designs and manufactures a complete line of Weather RADAR antenna systems to support weather surveillance and doppler radar applications. These can locate and calculate a storm’s motion and type by detecting rain droplets.

ARA antenna systems operate in S-band, C-band, X-band, Ku-band, and Ka-band and meet RADAR suppliers most stringent requirements. Antenna feeds for all bands and reflectors, measuring from 2 ft to 28 ft in diameter, provide the necessary specifications for the operation of a high-performance weather RADAR system.

Antenna TypeFeed
Frequency BandC (4 – 8 GHz), Ka (27 – 40 GHz), Ku (12 – 18 GHz), S (2 – 4 GHz), X (8 – 12 GHz)
PolarizationDual Linear, Single Linear

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