UAV Antenna Series

-Proven Flight Endurance
-High Gains, Small Volume
-Made in the USA

UAV Antenna Series

More reliable Command and Control (C2) and data links are required as the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) is expected to continue growing with the deployment of expanding communication networks. These links are critical for both Terrestrial-Based Line-of- Sight (LOS) and in satellite communication links for Beyond LOS (BLOS) conditions.

ARA has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of antennas used in airborne environments. Our proven designs have tens of thousands of flight hours. This product line of antennas includes omnidirectional, directional, linear, and circularly polarized configurations for fixed-wing or rotor-wing airframes. It also includes products designed specifically for UAV applications, antennas to support airborne-to-satellite datalinks, and line-of-sight air-to-ground links. The ARA UAV product line is designed to have a smaller footprint with superior performance and ensured communications.

Antenna TypeFeed
ApplicationUAV / Robotics
Frequency BandC (4 – 8 GHz), K (18 – 27 GHz), Ka (27 – 40 GHz), Ku (12 – 18 GHz), X (8 – 12 GHz)

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