High Density, Low Profile 8x12G-SDI/ASI for PCIe – DTA-2178

High Density, Low Profile 8x12G-SDI/ASI for PCIe – DTA-2178

DekTec releases its highest-density interfacing product to date. The DTA-2178 has 8 bidirectional 12G-SDI/ASI ports, plus genlock, on a low-profile PCIe card to fit 1RU PCs for applications where size and power do matter. The card uses micro-BNC connectors that lock like standard BNC. The DTA-2178 is attractively priced at less than €125 per SDI/ASI port.

All 8 ports can be independently configured from software. Port 1 and 5 are capable of full 12G, allowing reception or play out of two 4K streams over single link 12G-SDI or quad-link 3G-SDI. Each port support 12G-SDI input by downconverting to 3G, allowing monitoring of up to 8x 4K!

The DTA-2178 supports all transmission modes including level A and B for 3G-SDI, and 2SI/quadrant mode for 4K signals. For every input, all lines and all samples are passed to the CPU without modification or omission. This allows the developer to recover or to stream any type of audio, video and ancillary data without compromise. These features make the DTA-2178 very attractive to developers of video production, distribution, and contribution equipment.

All ports also support ASI, allowing mixed compressed/uncompressed applications such as dual 4K encoders with 2x 12G-SDI input + ASI output, or 4K decoders with ASI input + 2x 12G-SDI output.

A block diagram showing the default firmware variant loaded on the DTA-2178 is shown in the figure below. This firmware features eight independent ports, each configurable to operate as ASI or SDI input or output. Each port can also act as a double-buffered copy of another port to make multiple copies of the same output signal. Ports configured as output can be synchronized to the bi-/tri-level genlock input port.

8x 12G-SDI/ASI

The DTA-2178 completes the Colorado line, DekTec’s new range of SDI/ASI interface cards for PC. The user has a choice of 2-, 4- or 8-port cards, all controlled from the same driver and SDK. DekTec’s popular software applications, StreamXpress, StreamXpert, and SdEye, are supported.

Each card is offered at a very competitive list price. Even better prices are available if you are going to integrate these cards in quantity in your product. Please contact DekTec for a quotation with our inviting terms.

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