Cirris Releases Enhanced CH2 xHVC Harness Tester

Cirris Releases Enhanced CH2 xHVC Harness Tester

Ensure cables and harnesses are error-free with the enhanced Cirris CH2 xHVC harness tester. This system provides improved testing capabilities such as higher voltages and current rates.

This new system can perform high voltage tests up to 1500 AC and 2120 DC with allowed current up to (DC) 10 μA to 10 mA, (AC) 10 μA to 30 mA (RMS). The increased voltage and current are necessary to discover defects in the insulation that could lead to field failure or a failure to meet specifications. These enhancements also meet the stringent hipot requirements often seen in the aerospace, military, rail, and e-mobility industries.

To ensure operator safety, Cirris requires the use of external safety interlock systems such as palm switches, light curtains, or isolation enclosures. Information about these safety devices are available from Cirris.

Cirris manufactures the highest quality cable and harness test systems. Customers wanting enhanced high voltage testing will find it all in the Cirris CH2 xHVC harness tester.

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