LPA Series

-High Gain
-High Accuracy Positioning
-Pedestal, Positioner, and Controller Available
-when a full antenna system is required.
-Aluminum is Gold Iridite and can be supplied with
-an epoxy paint finish or anodized.
-Made in the USA

LPA Series

ARA’s series of log-periodic antenna arrays supports a wide variety of applications requiring high-power transmission. These arrays are designed to meet strict beamwidth, gain, and power handling requirements. The log periodic design produces very broadband characteristics and a unidirectional radiation pattern. These antennas can be used to make accurate electric field strength measurements and an individually calibrated antenna factor curve can be provided.

ARA can also supply the pedestal, positioner, and controller when a full antenna system is required. These systems can support high accuracy positioning. Power requirements and overall durability are our prime concerns to provide a long-term solution.

Antenna TypeLog Periodic
ApplicationJamming, Military Communications, RADAR, Simulators / Threat Emitters
Frequency BandUHF (0.3- 6 GHz), VHF (30 – 300 MHz)

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