The most accurate modular time and frequency system available, with inherent 10ns accuracy

Brandywine Communications High Performance Timing System is the most accurate frequency system currently available, with inherent 10ns accuracy.  This next generation, dual redundant, network-centric, modular timing system includes a novel architecture that allows automatic compensation of propagation delay.  The HPTS also offers a range of rubidium options including cesium clocks to ensure the highest accuracy of your timing system.  Input synchronization sources include GPS, SAASM GPS, Have Quick, 1PPS, IRIG A, IRIG B, IRIG G, 10MHz, and NTP.  Outputs include Have Quick, 1PPS, IRIG A, IRIG B, IRIG G, 10MHz, and NTP.  The HPTS is ruggedized and fully qualified for airborne, shipboard, and land mobile applications.

Brandywine has used the HPTS as the main master clock for many time and frequency systems for military applications.  The HPTS coupled with the PTS-SAASM provides the critical timing accuracy needed for many applications.  Please see our November 2010 newsletter to see how we created a master timing system.

The HPTS is able to function as a master clock to create custom systems requiring crucial timing accuracy.  Brandywine won the subcontract to build the master timing system, the Frequency and Time Subsystem (FTSS) for the advanced satellite terminals under the U.S. Army’s Modernization of Enterprise Terminals (MET) program.

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