High-speed data acquisition system DDR3000-R

High-speed data acquisition system DDR3000-R

The DDR3000-R is our flexible signal recording and analysis solution in a rugged enclosure. It features our powerful DaqHunter signal software suite for simple and turnkey field operation.

We have designed it for testing operations conducted in remote and outdoor environments – often within near proximity of the system(s)-under-test.

This portable system is also ideal for in-vehicle (mobile) use, including submerged, shipboard, and airborne platforms.

The DDR3000-R is built with a magnesium chassis and meets MIL-STD 810F guidelines for withstanding shock, vibration and temperature extremes.

Additional options include a UPS battery, removable hard disks, RAID5, and a rack-mounting kit.

DDR3000-R delivers portability and reliability, which our customers demand.

Daqscribe DAQ recorders are delivered as turnkey solutions, pre-installed with our DaqHunter software license and backed by our standard 12-months hardware warranty and 90-days of software support.

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