Intel® Xeon™ D SoC (Skylake-D), PCIe Gen3 and Dual 40GbE, 6U VPX


The VPX762 is a processor module (VITA 46) for general purpose processing in demanding applications. Based on the Intel Xeon D-2183IT or D-2143IT processor, the efficient SoC design has low power consumption and integrated PCH technology.

The module provides dual 40GbE or four 10GbE/1GbE, PCIe Gen3 x16 (dual x8 or quad x4) on P1/P2, six SATA Ports, dual GbE and XMC I/O to the rear on P1/P2/P3/P5 and P6. It also provides Dual 100/1000/10Gbase-T to the front panel, together with video out and dual USB 3.0 which can be used to implement a user interface for ease of maintenance.

The VPX762 provides four channels DDR4 (total of 64GB) with Error Correction Code (ECC), Flash for the OS, and an optional NVMe module. The BIOS allows booting from onboard Flash, offboard SATA, PXE boot and USB. The module has a single XMC slot for additional I/O. The XMC I/O (J6/J5) is routed to P5/P6 per VITA46.9 Pin Field P5w1-P64s+X12d+X8d.

The Health Management is one of the most sophisticated offered on the market with Server Management capabilities. It allows for Remote Management via ethernet, redirect of the video over IP to monitor the boot process remotely, Serial Over LAN (SOL), etc. It also meets Tier two support per VITA specification.

Linux and Windows are OS on the VPX762, consult VadaTech for other options.

The unit is available in a range of temperature and shock/vib specifications per ANSI/VITA 47, up to V3 and OS2.


  • High-density low-power System-on-Chip (SoC)
  • Integrated Platform Controller Hub (PCH)
  • 4 channels of DDR4 with Error Correction Code (ECC) for enhanced reliability, availability and serviceability
  • Electrical, mechanical, software, and system-level expertise in house Full system supply from industry leader AS9100 and ISO9001 certified company

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