Encoder R&D & Standards Compliance

Video compression technologies make it possible to bring high quality pictures at relatively low bit rates. Compression standards use different methods and algorithms to reduce the number of bits required to deliver video. These standards are inherently complex and constantly evolving. Media professionals involved in encoder R&D, QA, video headends etc. need to verify compliance of the video against the compression standard.


In-depth analysis for utmost visibility:

VEGA decodes each and every video frame to provide deep insight into the compressed stream; from high-level structural information down to individual bits in a macro block. Analysis is presented for stream, sequence and access unit levels and includes key attributes in a graphical manner to help encoder developers browse through the statistical information of the stream.

Video comparison utility allows the user to compare output of two encoded streams and provides statistics such as file size, bits used, resolution, frame rate etc. These tools make it possible to enhance compression efficiency and quality of the media content.

Comprehensive error reports, format support:

VEGA analyzer generates error reports that provide relevant information to the user such as type of error, location of the error and the associated standards violation. These reports can be used to fix encoding errors or in troubleshooting video related error in transmission.

VEGA analysis platform supports a variety of compression standards and formats used in the DTV and streaming media industries. These include MPEG-2, JPEG, H.264, HEVC/H.265, VP8, VP9, MPEG-DASH etc. VEGA facilitates fast investigation, compliance testing, troubleshooting and verification of media content.

VEGA analysis solution highlights:

  • Comprehensive format support: HEVC, H.264, VP9, VP8, VC1, MPEG-2, MPEG-DASH
  • Cost-effective, PC-based software with multicore support
  • Value-added tools such as video comparison, quality checks, and buffer analysis
  • Encoding comparison, encoding regression tests, STB compatibility

VEGA is designed to help media professionals debug compressed stream for motion vectors, coded bits, interpolation, deblocking data etc. Developers can easily browse through the prediction process, reference picture data, DPB and CABAC decoding stages. These features help towards reducing R&D and QA time.





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