TeraVM O-CU Test DU Sim

The TeraVM O-CU Test DU Sim with O-DU Simulator provides full wraparound validation of the O-CU, O-RAN network component.

TeraVM O-CU Test DU Sim


  • X86 Server based HW gives flexibility for multiple users to share the test system increasing the ROI
  • Highly scalable reducing hardware obsolescence issues
  • Works seamlessly with sister products TM500 and TeraVM so that engineers familiar with other VIAVI products have a faster ramp-up time
  • Works with TeraVM Core Emulator and vRAN Emulator to enable O-CU testing to be done in a stable and constant environment giving increased reliability and boosting productivity by avoiding the constant changes to a real core
  • Automation and scripting to speed up testing and thereby also increase engineering productivity and optimize customer experience

Key Features:

  • First to market O-CU wraparound test compliant with latest 3GPP, O-RAN standards
  • Runs in lightweight VM on standard COTS hardware
  • CI/CD Automation Integration
  • Functional Testing
  • Performance, Capacity Testing
  • Supports Open source automation tools such as Jenkins
  • Optional Core Emulator, vRAN Emulator

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