TeraVM – 5G Core Test

TeraVM – 5G Core Test

The VIAVI TeraVM 5G Core Test provides a full wraparound validation of a 5G Standalone Core Network.

TeraVM – 5G Core Test

One of the biggest challenges facing NEMs and mobile operators as they launch 5G is developing products against constantly changing and maturing 3GPP specs.
TeraVM 5G Core Test gives Core Network engineers a controllable and repeatable test environment that helps implement 3GPP standards rapidly. It also simplifies the development lifecycle of the 5G SA Core Network and the introduction of 5G services to the market.
TeraVM provides fully configurable emulation of thousands of basestations, millions of Ue’s and user applications to create the most realistic 5G SA RAN environment to stress the core. Full support for 3GPP interfaces such as N1, N2, N3 and N6 enables the tester to accurately emulate UE applications and mobility behavior for inter-5G and inter-RAT scenarios.
The TeraVM virtualized platform makes it an ideal solution for validating the 5G SBA (Service Based Architecture) virtual mobile core and its components.

Key features

  • First to market alignment with 3GPP standards.
  • Runs in lightweight VM on standard x86 hardware.
  • CI/CD Automation Integration.
  • Supports Open Source automation tools such as Jenkins.
  • Automation and scripting tools.
  • Negative Testing via Error injection on N2 interface.
  • Test physical or virtual 5G Core Networks.
  • One-stop test support.

Benefits Emulated RAN

  • License sharing across geo-location.
  • Performs functional and load testing.
  • Create real life tests – subscriber profiles, mobility scenarios.
  • Mobility across RAT or inter-RAT.
  • Multiple use cases – Core Network Validation, Core Network Node .Wraparound Testing, Security Gateway Testing, MEC Testing etc.
  • Ease of access. Core engineers have access to an always available RAN test resource thereby boosting test productivity.
  • RANtoCore – TeraVM Core Test can be used in conjunction with the TeraVM Core Emulator and 5G SA individual node wrap around. testing:
    • AMF, SMF, UPF 
    • Portability – 1U Server based system, easy to transport and setup (Lab/Field)
    • Lightweight – Deploy and configure in real-time
    • Deterministic Performance – Outcome is always consistent

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