Smart Link Mapper (SLM) Applications for OTDR Testing

Applications for OTDR Testing (Enterprise, FTTA, FTTH, CABLE)

Icon-based map view of OTDR events and instant pass/fail display for easy OTDR results interpretation and analysis.

Smart Link Mapper (SLM) Applications for OTDR Testing

The SLM intelligent optical software application helps technicians use an OTDR more effectively, without the need to understand or interpret OTDR results. Each event is displayed as an icon giving users a schematic view of the entire link, known as SmartLink. SLM can completely correlate to the original OTDR trace as experts desire.
With this common approach to simplify OTDR testing and streamline the procedures, four tailored SLM OTDR applications are available for different network types.
For more details about each of the applications (Enterprise-SLM, FTTA-SLM, FTTH-SLM and Cable-SLM), visit the Options tab above page.


  • Eliminates OTDR results interpretation complexity.
  • Immediately diagnoses problems.
  • Reduces human error.
  • Improves OTDR testing time and reliability.
  • Reduces truck rolls, re-test, and cable waste.
  • Dedicated apps focused for Enterprise, high density fiber Cable, FTTA and Passive Optical Network (PON) / FTTH.

Key Features:

  • Directly correlates SmartLink view results and OTDR trace.
  • Automatic pass/fail results.
  • Eliminates the need for OTDR expertise.
  • Compatible with all multimode/single-mode and OTDR modules.
  • Enabled on SmartOTDR and all recent T-BERD/MTS-2000, -4000 ,-6000A, and -8000 OTDR platforms.
  • Upgradable on site

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