Model 645 | 50 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator

The BNC Model 645 50MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator delivers many advanced features and user modes than our previous models, with a price that is designed to meet tough economic constraints. New DDS+ technology embraces advancements in the semiconductor industry and leverages state-of-the-art components for both standard and complex functions. The resulting design is a box for every bench, far more capable than the ARBs and Function Generators of the past. We have even incorporated IP support so a web browser can control the instrument over LAN.

The Model 645 has some significant advances over our 20MHz and 30MHz models. The speed, sample rates, and memory are expanded. The storage of custom waveforms is increased and the tactile front panel controls are easy to manipulate. We understand the broad range of applications and can now provide you, our demanding customers, a product loaded with functionality that represents excellent value. Start your 30-day trial today.

Model 645 | 50 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator


  • 50MHz sine, 10MHz Arbitrary Waveform
  • 14-bit, 125MSa/s, 256 K-point ARB
  • Pattern Generator (16 bits wide, 256K depth)
  • Pulse, Ramp, Triangle, Noise
  • AM, FM, PM (PSK), FSK & PWM Modulation
  • Linear & Logarithmic Sweeps
  • USB, LAN or GPIB Optional programming
  • wavePRO Waveform Creation, Editing and Importing


  • Nanotechnology, Automotive to Power Industry testing
  • Radar, Medical / Biomedical Simulations
  • Phase Sync’d signals for MEMS, gyro control
  • Count rate Simulation (linear or non-linear)
  • Throughput / Response Measurements


  • 50MHz ARB with 14 bit, 125M samples/sec, 256K memory
  • Display – Illustrates Active Waveform
  • Sync – Multiple units together, or to an external clock
  • Functions – Square Wave w/ 10nS Risetimes, ramps, triangles, pulses with adjustable edges to 10nS, noise to 20MHz
  • Standard Waveforms —Sine, Square, Ramp, Triangle, Pulse, Noise, DC
  • Built-In ARB Waveforms — Exponential Rise and Fall, Negative Ramp, Sin(x)/x, Cardiac
  • Total Harmonic Distortion —DC to 20kHz, 0.04%
  • Square Wave —1uHz to 25MHz
  • Modulation Modes – AM, Amplitude Modulation; FM, Frequency Modulation; PM, Phase Modulation; PWM, Pulse Width Modulation; FSK, Frequency Shift Keying
  • Pulse Mode Frequency—10MHz
  • Pulse Mode Width —10nS res
  • Arbitrary Mode Frequency — 1uHz to 10MHz
  • Arbitrary Model Length — 2 to 256K


DisplayGraph mode for visual verification of signal settings
CapabilityStandard Wave formsSine, Square, Ramp, Triangle, Pulse, Noise, DC
Built-in arbitrary waveformsExponential Rise and Fall, Negative ramp, Sin (x)/x, Cardiac

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