FMC-CAMERALINK – Camera Link I/O Interface

FMC-CAMERALINK – Camera Link I/O Interface


  • Camera Link I/O Interface
  • Video Frame Grabber
  • Image Processing
  • Video Communications

Board Features

  • Multiple CameraLink Modes
  • VITA 57.1 FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC)


The FMC-CAMERALINK is an FMC I/O Module which provides an industry standard CameraLink interface.

It provides the user with the ability to implement computationally-intensive applications such as frame grabbers, digital video communications and image processing systems in the FPGA when using a compatible camera.

The FMC-CAMERALINK board supports 2x Base Cameras, 1x Medium/Full Camera and each option with or without Power over CameraLink (PoCL). Full user control of the standard camera control lines and serial interface are provided.

The FMC-CAMERALINK utilizes a Low Pin Count (LPC) interface, compatible with both LPC and HPC interfaces.

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