Ruggedized Dual Skylake Server Blade

  • Two Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (codename Skylake)
  • Up to 384GB main memory
  • Optional crypto offload

The SMART Embedded Computing ATCA-7540-D COTS server blade, featuring dual Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (Intel® code name Skylake), provides the highest level of X86-based processing with long lifecycles for military high performance computing applications.

It has been adapted from the ATCA-7540 commercial variant with an alignment block that enables the blade to be secured in a chassis with captive screws, such as SMART EC’s AXP1440-D chassis, which is specially hardened against shock and vibration for shipboard electronics applications.

The shipboard electronics environment is particularly demanding in terms of shock and vibration. Ship electronics must be able to withstand the effects of vibration from engines and other onboard systems, and must be able to withstand the intense shock of missile and torpedo hits. In conjunction with shock-hardened racks designed by the customer and SMART EC’s AXP1440-D chassis, the ATCA-7540-D has been successfully deployed in navy shipboard data centers at the heart of very dense computing and signal processing applications.

Careful component choices have been made for an extended product life cycle. SMART EC has selected processor variants from the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor embedded portfolio that offer 15-year availability to provide both the performance and longevity expected by military service branches and contractors.

SMART EC sister company, SMART Modular Technologies, offers DDR4 VLP RDIMM memory modules that offer proven, long-term reliability thanks to enhanced testing for the most strenuous use cases. Contact us for more information.

ATCA is an open COTS standard with a rich ecosystem of both blades and systems from many vendors. With its rugged design, 5-nines high availability (99.999%) and shallow footprint, ATCA is being deployed in both shipborne and land-based military applications. The ATCA bladed architecture meets the requirements for Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) in a rugged, compact and power-efficient package.

The ATCA-7540-D offers multiple options for I/O and operating system to ensure a seamless upgrade path from existing systems and provide the tools and flexibility necessary for new deployments. Optional Intel QuickAssist™ technology offers crypto offload, enabling you to use in-system encryption to improve the product’s security

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