XRM2-DA5 – RF/IF Signal Sampling/Generation

XRM2-DA5 – RF/IF Signal Sampling/Generation


  • RF/IF Signal Sampling/Generation
  • High Speed Analog Data Capture.
  • High Speed Analog Signal Generation

Board Features

  • Dual 14-bit 3Gsps ADCs
  • ADC is JESD204B compliant
  • Single 16-bit 2.5Gsps DAC
  • External Clock Input
  • On-board precision oscillator
  • Alpha Data XRM2 I/O Module


The XRM2-DA5 is an I/O Module which provides dual channel ADC and single channel DAC interfaces.

The XRM2-DA5 is designed for use with Alpha Data’s XRM2 compliant carrier cards. It provides the user with dual high speed Analog to Digital Converters at 14bits/3GHz and a single high speed Digital to Analog converter at 16bits/1GHz along with an external clock input and clock output and a number of bidirectional trigger/synchronisation signals.

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