TeraVM – 5G Core Emulator

Removing the pain of Core Network dependencies for 5G, 4G and 3G

One of the biggest challenges facing NEMs and mobile operators as they launch 5G is developing products against constantly changing and maturing 3GPP specs.

TeraVM – 5G Core Emulator


  • Time to Market – Alignment and compatibility with TM500 and gNB 3GPP specifications, making it easier to identify and pinpoint issues
  • Agile Releases – Releases made bi-weekly with common configuration with TM500
  • Remote software upgrades
  • Ease of access. RAN engineers have access to an always available EPC test resource thereby boosting test productivity.
  • Controllable: a single shared EPC may not be set up in line with a particular set of RAN test requirements. The TeraVM Core Emulator can be configured to match specific RAN test needs.
  • Shareable via elastic test bed.
  • Repeatable: engineers managing a real/test EPC need to make constant changes and updates to keep it up to date. But when debugging a gNB problem or trying to optimize performance, a constant/repeatable environment is required.
  • Robust Testing: the TeraVM Core Emulator allows engineers to insert errors on the N2 interface to check the robustness of the gNB design.
  • Portability – demo 5G to customers
  • Lightweight – Deploy and configure in real-time
  • Deterministic Performance

Key Features:

  • First to market alignment with 3GPP standards
  • Runs in lightweight VM on standard x86 hardware
  • Run 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G on same x86 host
  • Standalone, non-standalone 5G plus legacy RATs (2G, 3G, 4G)
  • Supports IoT and VoLTE (IMS)
  • Automation and scripting tools
  • Negative testing via error injection on the N2 interface (gNB -AMF)
  • Virtualized architecture enables “Elastic test bed” and flexible loan licenses to maximize ROI and utilization
  • Alignment and compatibility with TM500 test mobile
  • One-stop test support

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