Reformable 50Ω RF Cables

0.047”, 0.085” & 0.141” Cable Options - Standard Connector Interfaces

0.047” 0.085” & 0.141” Hand Formable Cable
Frequency Options up to 40GHz
Low VSWR & Insertion Loss
Reformable during installation
FEP Jacketed Cable Options
Simple Part Number Configuration

Reformable 50Ω RF Cables

ConductRF FM series of Hand Formable RF cable assemblies provides system designers with a versatile solution that allows RF cables to be physically routed and set in to position during installation.

With the additional benefit of higher shielding effectiveness and RF performance over traditional standard flexible cables, hand forming solutions provide a great performance alternative, often at no extra cost. When compared to traditional semi-rigid options, these cables can provide increased installation flexibility at a substantially lower cost.

ConductRF’s Formed cables are manufactured using the latest induction soldering techniques to best ensure the highest quality and 100% tested to validate performance because, Results Count!

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