GPU server optimized for AI, Data Science and HPC



  • Supports dual AMD EPYC™ 7002 series processors, up to 1TB memory and up to 4x NVIDIA advanced PCIe GPU cards
  • Ideal for AI, Data Science, HPC, Graphics and VDI at the right price-performance ratio
  • Multi-GPU capability plus PCIe Gen4 and NGC-Ready/ NVQual certifications for reliable, high-speed operation
  • Up to 8x storage drives and high throughput LAN for upgrade readiness
  • Ease of use and lowered cost of ownership with dual redundant Platinum class power-supplies


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GPU accelerated peak performance at the right price point
Expandable, future-ready design
Optimized for total cost of ownership
Designed for ease-of-use across the entire lifecycle
Ideal for heavy workloads- Deep Learning, Data Science, HPC, VDI, Graphics. NGC-Ready system tests single/ multi-GPU Deep Learning training and inference, Data Science, Application Development. NVQual certifies reliable operation at max. throughput. Storage capacity, networking capabilities can be tailored and expanded to specific business needs and budgets, whereas onboard I/O ports enhance connectivity. Redundant power supplies enhance reliability, and mitigate against expensive power supply failures, while high-efficiency further reduces overall energy envelope. FUJITSU ISM software offers Server status, event monitoring, update, inventory/ archive management, logging and auditing, floor layout and rack view via an easy to use UI. Pre-tested, validated software configurations also ease administrator burden.

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