Picolo.net HD1 (DIN rail)

HEVC (H.265) 1080p60 IP video encoder

Picolo.net HD1 (DIN rail)

HEVC (H.265) 1080p60 IP video encoder

  • High-quality HEVC (H.265) / AVC (H.264) encoder, up to 6 encoded streams
  • Video streaming from one full HD (up to 1080p60/1080i60) HDMI or SDI source
  • ONVIF Profile S
  • Video encryption
  • Hi-Fi AAC or uncompressed audio
  • USB edge storage / USB GPS support
  • Serial connection for PTZ cameras
  • PoE+ Power over Ethernet
  • Fanless aluminum housing

Save 50% bit rate – Save 50% storage space

  • HEVC (H.265) is two times more efficient than AVC (H.264), resulting in 50% bit rate savings and 50% storage space savings for the same image quality.
  • HEVC (H.265) allows for doubling the image quality at the same bit rate when compared to AVC (H.264).

Picolo.net HD1 Description

Picolo.net HD1 connects high-definition wide area, long range or infrared SDI cameras to IP networks to record and stream video. It plays a key role in applications such as the monitoring of borders, coastline and critical infrastructure, or the police surveillance operations.

Stream video from one Full HD (1080p60 or 1080i60) source over an IP network

SD-/HD-/3G-SDI and HDMI 1.4 inputs

Optional encryption of the video using public/private keys


ONVIF, Standards for IP Connectivity

ONVIF compliance for seamless VMS compatibility

  • Exacq [exacqVision]
  • Genetec [Omnicast and Security Centre]
  • Milestone Systems [XProtect Corporate and Enterprise]
  • AxxonSoft [Axxon Smart]

USB Edge Storage

Local storage of the video on an external USB drive

Support for an external USB GPS

Easy-to-use local or remote device setup via web pages
Serial port to control PTZ cameras
Highest quality AAC audio compression
Developed with the support of the DG06 Technology Development Department

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