Observer GigaStor

The best packet capture and analysis appliance in the industry ensures every network conversation is available for troubleshooting, intrusion detection and deep-dive forensic investigations.

Observer GigaStor

The undisputed leader in back-in-time analysis, Observer GigaStor eliminates the time-consuming task of recreating problems for troubleshooting and investigating security issues. Just hit rewind to go back in time and review past network activity. Navigate to the exact moment of the service anomaly to see detailed, packet-level views before, during, and after the occurrence.
Eliminate unnecessary finger pointing between IT teams with fast and accurate root cause identification. Speed resolution of any application, network, or UC issue, while using the security forensics capabilities of GigaStor to identify whether a breach has occurred and what resources have been compromised.
GigaStor together with Apex and GigaFlow are perfectly suited for SecOps and NetOps teams to address today’s hybrid IT environment challenges whether performance or security related.

The Best Just Got Better: Observer GigaStor Gen 4

To keep up with the challenge of ever-increasing network speeds, user traffic and content, resulting in tidal waves of data to analyze, VIAVI is proud to introduce the latest version of Observer, backed by the horsepower of the GigaStor Gen 4. Confirmed by Tolly Research Group at 60 Gbps capture rates, this is the fastest independently validated rate available in the market, more than a 50% improvement over Gen 3.

With more than a petabyte of data storage all in a 67% smaller footprint, GigaStor Gen 4 allows you to store more data for longer periods of recording time without sacrificing additional rack space and consuming excessive power. Faster dashboard visualizations and EUE scoring calculations with Gen 4 means you have improved operational awareness, more useful data than can be used across your network operations and security teams, and reduced time in war rooms. This means less time rooting out the cause and more time focused on resolution.

GigaStor Gen 4 provides IT teams the most comprehensive, trust-worthy data source on the market for end-user experience monitoring and security analysis.

Full GigaStor Integration with Observer v18

With the release of Observer v18, enriched flow data from GigaFlow and packet-level wire data from GigaStor now coexist in Observer Apex. This means all levels of expertise have access to comprehensive views of performance and threat landscapes across their environments, using preferred data sources for QoS measurements, baselining, capacity planning, and more. This single, integrated interface improves operational efficiencies through boosted data quality, intuitive visualizations, and simplified workflows for any level of IT user.

GigaStor offers the following features and benefits:

  • Independently validated line-rate capture performance at 40 Gbps with support for 100 Gb networks; accelerates service anomaly resolution and security investigations.
  • Back-in-time functionality means never having to wait for a service anomaly to repeat before resolving.
  • Scalable to more than a petabyte of storage capacity enables extended visibility into past service delivery health; AES-256 data-at-rest encryption ensures regulatory data privacy compliance.
  • Expert analytics offers detailed network and application intelligence including deep-packet inspection; ideal for in-depth transaction-level awareness into service and potential security issues.
  • Fault-tolerant custom design supports five years of uninterrupted, 100 percent duty-cycle capture without dropping a single packet.

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