MAP Optical Power Meter (mOPM)

Panel mount or remote head configurations with densities up to 4 per module.

MAP Optical Power Meter (mOPM)

For current mOPM-C1 orders refer to the data sheet under Literature tab.

The Multiple Application Platform (MAP) Optical Power Meter Module (mOPM-C1) is a second-generation power meter that brings a range of panel mount and remote head configurations to the VIAVI MAP platform.
The MAP-Series is the first photonic layer lab and manufacturing platform to be LAN Extensions for Instrumentation (LXI)-compliant, bringing the full power of Ethernet connectivity and ease of use of interchangeable virtual instrument (IVI) drivers to the optical test environment. The MAP System’s industry-leading density and configurability enables test engineers to meet specific application requirements in the smallest possible footprint.
The MAP Optical Power Meter Module extends the optical power measurement capability of the MAP-Series by offering three grades of optical performance available in panel-mount or remote-head configurations with 1, 2, or 4 inputs per module.

Optical Performance

All four performance grades are based on indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) detectors and are suitable for applications using single-mode (SM) or multimode (MM) fiber. They feature high accuracy, high linearity, and extremely low polarization dependant loss (PDL). The general purpose grade provides a measurement range of -70 to +10 dBm. The high-performance detector features thermal stabilization, which results in an extended wavelength range and a power measurement range of -80 to +11 dBm. The high power grade extends highpower measurement capability to +27 dBm. The ultra-performance detectors features enhanced thermal stabilization and noise control, which results in a power measurement range of -100 dBm to +11 dBm and best in class noise performance.

Key Features:

  • Single, dual, or quad channel configurations available.
  • 250 kHz sampling rate for high-speed applications.
  • 750 to 1700 nm operating wavelength range.
  • 110 dB dynamic range and high power option available.
  • Maximum input power up to 27 dBm available.
  • Compatible with single-mode and multimode fiber.
  • Ability to store up to 100,000 data points per channel​.

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