LDS3517 Single Board Computer

3U OpenVPX SBC powered by Xeon D processor with FPGA coprocessing

Secure, Powerful and Versatile Intel Xeon-D Compute Capability in a 3U Package

LDS3517 Single Board Computer

The EnsembleSeries LDS3517 is a 3U OpenVPX Single Board Computer powered by an Intel Xeon D processor with FPGA coprocessing, Ethernet fabrics and mezzanine site.

This powerful SBC is available with MOTS+ technology for extreme environmental protection and BuiltSECURE proven built-in systems security engineering for deployment anywhere, and SOSA-aligned for maximum interoperability and technology reuse. 


  • Intel Xeon D family server-class processor and Xilinx UltraScale FPGA 
  • Gen3 PCIe XMC card support 
  • PCIe data and expansion plane for high speed I/O or module interconnect 
  • Dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet control plane interfaces 
  • Support for Linux and VxWorks operating systems 
  • BuiltSECURE foundation for System Security Engineering support
  • SOSA aligned and VITA 65 compliant

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