Single 4K Input, Four HD Output Video Splitter  


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  1. Works with Datapath Image4K and Image2K graphics cards with no configuration needed
  2. Splitting and placement of ‘quadrants’ is easy with the graphical setup wizard
  3. Works with the output of an Image4K or Image2K graphics card with support for HDCP 2.2.
  4. Splits and routes the input signal to all four outputs with a maximum delay of a single line
  5. Multiple mounting options
  6. Distribute video in 4K and split local to screens to reduce long distance cabling requirements

Single 4K Input, Four HD Output Video Splitter  

IQS4 is Datapath’s 4K splitter solution engineered specifically for large, multi-output video wall applications. Paired with Datapath’s Image4K graphics cards, the IQS4 delivers a cost-effective solution for powering video walls of up to 96 HD screens.  

Streamline System Capacity  

By taking a single 4K input and splitting it into four HD outputs, using IQS4 units reduces the overall number of graphics cards needed in the video wall controllerwhich streamlines the system, reducing load and optimizing capacity.  

Simplified Video Distribution 

IQS4 gives integrators the option to distribute video in 4K and split the signals at the video wall rather than having to use separate extenders for each HD output. 

Install Anywhere  

Mounting flexibility means the ISQ4 can be used for any application. When installed with a video wall or screen, each IQS4 unit can be VESA mounted directly behind displays. Where IQS4 units are hosted with the video wall controller, various rack mount options are available depending on the number of IQS4 units required. There is also a standalone option for direct installation on workstations or any flat surface.

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