Impulse Noise Simulator


The INS-AX2 series simulators are the advanced version of the conventional manually operated INS-4020/4040 simulators, maintaining the identical interference signal characteristics while offering a new level of ease of use.


  • An innovative,motor driven coaxial switch mechanism eliminates the need to manually plug and unplug coaxial connectors, allowing a preset test sequence to be carried out seamlessly including pulse width and coupling mode changes, automatic voltage ramp and others.
  • As well as manual control, the simulator can be remote-controlled through a fiber optic computer interface. Windows control software is free-downloadable from NoiseKen website.
  • Floating output
  • 8 pulse widths installed: 10ns, 50ns, 100ns, 200ns, 400ns, 500ns, 800ns and 1000ns
  • Internal switchable terminators
  • Easily changeable and safety-interlocked outlet panel (EUT interface)
  • 3 channels EUT fail input



Item Model
INS-AX2-220/250H INS-AX2-420/450H
Pulse output voltage 0.01 ~ 2.00kV±10% at 0.01kV step 0.01 ~ 4.00kV±10% at 0.01kV step
±0.04kV allowance for <0.1kV setting
When the output is terminated by the internal resistors.
Output polarity Positive or negative
Pulse Pulse width 50, 100, 200, 400, 500, 800, 1000ns ±10%, 10ns±3ns
Rise time <1ns
Output impedance 50 ohm system (53.5 ohm)
Pulse repetition mode Variable 10ms ~ 999ms±10% 16ms ~ 999ms±10%
Phase Injection phase angle 0 to 360 degrees±10 degrees
EUT power supply:>AC90V, 50/60Hz±10%
1 shot Single pulse generation, each time the 1 SHOT button is pressed.
Synchronized output with phase angle setting in PHASE mode
Power capacity of EUT INS-AX2-220:
Single phase AC240V/DC65V 20A
3-phase (4-wire) AC500V/DC250V 50A
Single phase AC240V/DC65V 20A
3-phase (4-wire) AC500V/DC250V 50A
Power supply AC 100V~240V±10%, 50/60Hz±10%
Power consumption 110VA
Operating temperature and humidity range 15 ~ 35°C, 25 ~ 75% (No dewing shall occur.)
Dimensions W 430 x H 350 x D 470mm, projection excluded
Weight INS-AX2-220: Approx. 30Kg
INS-AX2-250H: Approx. 38Kg
INS-AX2-420: Approx. 30Kg
INS-AX2-450H: Approx. 38Kg
Mercury relay unit Model: 04-00014A Model: 04-00015A



Parameters Specifications
Output pulse waveform Triangular pulse
Pulse output voltage 2kV (220/250H) and 4kV (420/450H) max (when the output is terminated by the internal resistors)
Output polarity  Positive or negative
Pulse Duration 1μs±30%
Rise time <40 ns



INS-AX2-220/420 INS-AX2-250H/450H
Outlet panel (Single phase terminal block type) Model:18-00067A AC240VDV65V20A max Outlet panel (3-phase terminal block type) Model:18-00074A AC500VDV250V50A max
Power cable
Instruction manual (for the simulator and remote control software)

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