Multi-standard satellite modulator for PCIe

DekTec's satellite modulator for DVB-S, DVB-S2 and ISDB-S, with symbol rates up to 55MBd. The output level is programmable up to -10dBm (DVB-S).


All-standard all-band modulator for USB-3

Modulation has never been so easy and so beautiful. The DTU-315 is a portable modulator for satellite, terrestrial and cable, all in a single device.
A good fit for laptop or tablet, but convenient with desktops and server PCs too.


  • Supports all constellations and modulation modes for each supported standard.
  • Excellent signal quality through direct digital synthesis of the RF output signal.
  • No power supply required: A single USB-3 connection supplies power, real-time data and control.


  • General-purpose test modulator in your R&D lab for developing, qualifying or repairing any equipment with an antenna input.
  • Portable demo set for TV receivers, easy to carry to customer demos, trade shows, etc.
  • TV distribution using modulated signals in shops, hotels, hospitals etc.

Block Diagram

The DTU-315 reads data from USB and forwards it to a baseband modulator, a channel filter, an optional channel simulator and an upconverter. The digital RF signal is converted to analog with a high-speed D-to-A converter and output on a micro-BNC connector.

DTU-315 in Action

A tablet drives the DTU-315. The RF output signal is shown on a spectrum analyzer.


A rackmount kit (DTR-315-RACK) is available to install up to eight DTU-315 units in a 19″ rack.

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