DSP Series Meters

Value-based models for every technician work group

Robust and compact DOCSIS 3.1 installation and service meters for cable service providers and contractors.

DSP Series Meters

As cable networks migrate to newer technologies, and anticipating an eventual move to DOCSIS 3.1 and 1.2 GHz downstream range for all meters, the complete VIAVI meter line provides these installation and service measurement capabilities for cable service providers and contractors. These robust and compact DOCSIS 3.1 meters are known for their long battery life.

Basic Signal Level Meter – 180 DSP

A dependable tool for basic cable installation needs, the 180 DSP signal level meter features a compact rugged design, easy-to-use color user interface and an unparalleled selection of digital and analog channel measurements, including DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM signal analysis.

The 180 DSP performs QAM carrier measurements (including deep interleave) and displays Hum[1], Constellation, Equalizer Tap, MER and BER. This allows users to quickly analyze 64 and 256 QAM downstream channels for quality verifications or to locate impairments. The 180 DSP also performs an extensive set of OFDM signal measurements to enable testing in DOCSIS 3.1 deployments. In addition to average level, peak-to-valley, and in-channel tilt, the meter displays PLC constellation, level, pre/post BER, MER, decoder stress over time, and a summary for the default profile.

The channel plan scan displays the frequency response of the entire channel lineup in a color-coded bar graph of each channel, or your favorite channels in the active channel plan. The channel plan scan also includes on-screen markers that can be adjusted to perform a tilt measurement.

The 180 DSP analyzes spectrum from 4 to 205 MHz, showing peak measurements, color-coded markers, and delta measurements. This feature also includes adjustable detector modes which are useful for capturing bursty transient noise. The 180 DSP optionally performs forward spectrum measurements from 5 MHz to 1,250 MHz[2].

Installation Troubleshooting and Certification

180 and 360 DSP signal level meters are specifically tailored for fast installation testing and troubleshooting. These meters come equipped with all needed analog and digital signal measurements to ensure the highest quality installation—and at a price point that makes it feasible for system operators to outfit their entire fleet.

The 180 and 360 DSP meters make basic RF installation a breeze for installers and contractors. To streamline basic RF installation and make the installer’s job easier, the meters feature intuitive, color touchscreen interfaces, simple pass/fail indicators, and autotest apps. These meters are built with the technician in mind—from the quick charge time to the unique, built-in LED flashlight and glow in the dark keypad for those dark, cramped spaces.

The 360 DSP has built-in DOCSIS 3.1 Modem, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi communications capabilities, and test results can be easily to StrataSync for near real-time views of measurement data.

Maintenance Meter – Plant Maintenance – 1G DSP

Maintain your plant with one instrument that has everything needed for systemwide testing. The 1G DSP conveniently combines CATV, DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem, gigabit Ethernet, and optical testing.

This maintenance technician’s meter has powerful troubleshooting tools for experienced techs, yet simplifies decision making and streamlines standard processes and procedures for the more novice tech, making techs more efficient, improving overall system health, and enabling techs to continue using the same meter as they become more experienced.

The 1G DSP can achieve throughput testing speeds of up to a gigabit/sec using a dedicated Ethernet test port or the internal cable modem. The meter can perform either roundtrip or one-way Key Parameter Index (KPI) measurements for full Ethernet service testing. With constant payload testing for Layer 2 through Layer 4, the 1G DSP is built for verification of both Ethernet Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Quality of Service (QoS) metrics.

For optical power measurements, the 1G DSP can be optionally equipped with a single input port for measurement of single mode (1310 nm, 1490 nm, and 1550 nm) wavelengths with interchangeable FC, SC, and ST style adapters.

The 1G DSP features a large, high resolution, ultra-bright, color touchscreen interface, simple pass/fail indicators, and powerful autotest apps to streamline troubleshooting and make the technician’s job easier. Other cool features include: remote meter control via a web browser, long battery life with a quick charge time, and glow in the dark keypad for those dark, cramped spaces. This meter also includes a visual fault locator (VFL) for locating loss points in patch cords, patch panels, and enclosures.


StrataSync is a cloud-based, hosted solution that manages assets, configurations, and test data for VIAVI instruments to ensure they are all equipped with the latest software and installed options. It manages inventory, test results, and performance data from anywhere with browser-based ease—improving both technician and instrument efficiency. Operators can then leverage data from the entire network for results analysis and to inform and train the workforce.

There are many options for syncing the Trilithic DSP series meters with StrataSync including Ethernet, DOCSIS, or with WiFi (consider the many WiFi hotspots) when a data connection is established. Syncing on a consistent schedule becomes more important as techs are required to upload data to show that all tests for a service activation were performed and show that all tests passed. This provides confidence to the service provider that the installation was performed successfully, and in contractor situations helps to avoid bill-backs due to customer complaints post-installation.

[1] Hum is optional on 180 DSP-Lite

[2] Forward spectrum analysis is optional on 180 DSP-Lite


  • Provides cable installers and field technicians a full complement of RF measurement functions.
  • Color touch screen reduces installer entry errors and improves decision making.
  • Multiple tests in a single autotest app provide a convenient way to standardize tech processes & procedures.
  • Powerful troubleshooting tools to improve overall system health.


  • Return spectrum analysis (4 to 110 MHz).
  • Level, C/N; QAM and OFDM measurement.
  • Complete channel plan scan with tilt measurement.
  • Advanced, yet simple testing and troubleshooting with channel plan auto discovery.

Key Features:

  • 1.25 GHz Frequency range.
  • Meters with DOCSIS® 3.1 RF measurements and with cable modem service tests.
  • Auto-discovery of channel plans.

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