Discharge Gun GT-30R3302KA

Electrostatic Discharge Simulator ESS-S3011A/GT-30RA

EN/IEC 61000-4-2 Ed2 & ISO 10605 Ed2 Compliant

SMART ESD simulator which supports all phases of the test (Pre to Post)

Discharge Gun GT-30R3302KA

Discharge Gun GT-30R3302KA
Conforming to ISO10605

Discharge gun stand (Model: PS-806) and Conversion Adaptor (Model:03-00074A) are optional accessories.


  • Meets ISO10605 2nd edition
  • All the 4 capacitor/resistor units included


Output voltage0.20~30.0kV ±5% (with ESS-S3011A/B3011A)
0.20~16.0kV ±5% (with ESS-L1611A).
Discharge modeAir discharge and contact discharge.
Output polarityPositive / negative
Standard energy storage capacitor150 PF±10% , 330 PF ±10%
Standard discharge resistor330 ohm±10% & 2K ohm ±10%
Charging resistor
Contained in the CR unit
Cable length2 m
Charged voltage hold time5 seconds or more
Dimensions5 seconds or more
83.3(W) x 217.2(H) x 229.3 (D) mm
(Discharge tip excluded)
WeightApprox. 1300g  (cable and high voltage connector included)



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