Baluns and Transformers

PPM supplies high voltage, wide-band baluns manufactured by Prodyn. These high performance baluns are designed to convert differential outputs from free-field sensors to a single ended 50 Ω output for capture on a recording or measuring device.

Features include:

  • Bilateral balanced to unbalanced passive converters
  • All three ports offer excellent VSWR properties (TDR)
  • High isolation between differential ports.

These baluns are particularly well suited for use with unmatched sources such as a D-DOT (open circuit) or B-DOT (short circuit) where maximum clear time is required. Radiation hardened versions are available.

Also available are transformers; suitable for isolation, DC blocking, balanced/unbalanced conversion and other applications. They are available in several configurations, including grounded or floating shield connections and balanced or unbalanced winding connections.

These products support standards testing for EMC, EMP, HIRF, NEMP etc., including key standards such as:

  • MIL-STD-188-125
  • MIL-STD-461G
  • DEF STAN 59-188
  • DEF STAN 59-411.

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