ARA-2577 Series

-Each Director/Gain Extender provides an additional 2.0 dBic of gain.
-Deployment Time: < 3 minutes -Black Anodized Finish -Tripod with AZ and EL Mount -Water-resistant carrying bag -Compact Size -Made in the USA

ARA-2577 Series

The ARA-2576 series are high-gain, foldable Yagi Antennas designed and tested for military use. They fit together with a tripod and are ideal for tactical and field applications. These are extremely durable antennas that can be deployed several thousand times by military troops in harsh environments. The black anodized finish is suitable for use in environments found around the world. The complete assembly is folded and supplied in a water-resistant carrying bag.

This antenna is fully compatible with the Harris AN/PRC-117F/G, AN/PRC-152A, Thales AN/PRC-148 MBITR, and Raytheon AN/PSC-5 radios.

The antenna is equipped with a net ballast for operation in high wind speeds. For use with the PRC-117F, PRC-117G, PSC-5D, MBITR, JEM, MBITR2, PRC-152A, and any radio capable of UHF SATCOM.

Antenna TypeFoldable Yagi
ApplicationMilitary Communications, Military SATCOM
Frequency BandUHF (0.3- 6 GHz)
PolarizationRight Hand Circular

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