ARA-243 Series

-Directors/Gain Extenders provide an additional 2.0 dBic of gain.
-Deployment Time: < 30 seconds -Weight: 0.95 lbs (6.5 lbs. with hard case) -Available in Black (Default), Tan, or Green Finishes -Available with Multiple Grip and Mounting Configurations -Compact Size – Fits in Breast Pocket -Submersible -Made in the USA

ARA-243 Series

The ARA-243 series of antennas are the smallest, sturdiest, lightest, most powerful, and rugged handheld UHF SATCOM antennas available to the warfighter today.

Developed at the request of Army Special Forces, ARA met with SOF communicators, listened to their needs and feedback on other Systems, and set out to build the best miniature TACSAT antenna available.

The ARA-243 incorporates a quick detachable connect system that allows operators to easily attach a variety of interchangeable folding grips, tripods, ground spikes, and magnetic mounts.

The main body is built to IP68 specifications and has a unique design that eliminates binding, reduces internal wiring, and prevents the possibility of an accidental opening.

For use with the PRC-117F, PRC-117G, PSC-5D, MBITR, JEM, MBITR2, PRC-152A, and any radio capable of UHF SATCOM.

ApplicationMilitary Communications, Military SATCOM
Antenna TypeLog Periodic
Frequency BandUHF (0.3- 6 GHz)
PolarizationRight Hand Circular

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