High performance data capture and processing


High performance data capture and processing


  • High performance data capture and processing
  • CPU offload acceleration
  • Low latency networking and analytics
  • AI Inference for Data Center or Edge applications
  • High Performance Computing
  • Industrial vision and control
  • Lab-based system prototyping
  • Rack level deployments

Board Features

  • FMC+ Interface
  • GigE Interface
  • 1x Firefly™ (x4) Interface
  • System Monitor
  • Heatsink with optional fan

ACAP Features (Hard IP)

  • 400x AI Engines
  • 2x ARM Cortex-A72 MPCore™
  • 2x ARM Cortex-R5 MPCore


The ADM-PA100 is an adaptable PCIe form factor Versal™ ACAP Data Processing Unit suitable for early development and rapid deployment of solutions based on Xilinx™ Versal ACAP VC1902 AI Core device.

The PCIe form factor is suitable for desktop, lab, rack mount and data center deployments in commercial temperature ranges. Additionally, the board can optionally be deployed stand-alone without any reliance on a host CPU. The FMC+ interface on the board allows off-chip support of the many standard and custom interfaces that can be supported by the Versal ACAP through the very wide range of Alpha Data and 3rd Party FMC IO adapters available. Flexible reference designs, allowing customers to access the full IO flexibility of the chip are provided for both the Vivado and Vitis tool chains.

The powerful VC1902 ACAP AI Core device provides a flexible device featuring 400 AI Engine VLIW processor cores capable of 133 INT8 TOPs for Machine Learning or DSP applications, with support for scalar processing on on-chip 2 ARM® Cortex™ A72 Application class CPU cores and 2 ARM Cortex R5 real-time CPU core. These processors are complemented by a large area of 7nm Programmable Logic containing 900k LUTs, almost 2000 DSP tiles and 164Mb of very high bandwidth SRAM suitable for attaching extremely high performance and high efficiency offload acceleration to the ARM and AIE array processors. The device provides, and the board allows, access to a large number of configurable IO pins and Gigabit Transceiver ports which can connect to built-in hard-IP cores for 100G Multi-rate Ethernet, PCIe and DDR4, or can be controlled by custom IO logic in the programmable fabric supporting an incredibly wide range of communication standards and applications.

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