800G FLEX DCO Module

Simplify and accelerate high-speed network test in lab and production

Industry’s First Fully Integrated Test Product for Pluggable Digital Coherent Module Development, Validation, and Integration

800G FLEX DCO Module


  • Ensures eco-system interoperability
  • Enables reliable performance
  • Accelerates test times and coverage to meet aggressive volume and cost expectations

Key Features

  • Support for native 400G Pluggable Coherent Modules via CFP2-DCO and QSFP-DD 400ZR with substantial cooling margin up to 32W
  • QSFP-DD and QSFP56 Electrical Adapter
  • Ethernet 400GE and 200GE
  • 4 x 100GE Ethernet QSFP-DD breakout
  • 4 x 50GE Ethernet QSFP56 breakout
  • FlexO – FOIC1.2, FOIC2.4 and FOIC4.8 with OTUCn-PRBS and ODUflex-BULK
  • Dynamic Skew
  • Advanced Error Anaylsis
  • FEC Stress Testing for PAM-4 signals, including RX FEC Symbol Error Statistics
  • Multi-user support and independent test ports
  • Test Automation

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